Private Label

Private labeling is a large part of our business and something we love doing! Private labeling is a great way to get your business name out there, and to get your customers coming back to you for more! If you would like to have a line of products made just for you, let's set up a time to chat more. 
A few things to note: 
- We currently offer all of our products for private labeling. The price is our normal wholesale price, 50% of our suggested retail. Keep in mind you can set your retail prices as you'd like. 
- Full batches are the minimum for each product in each scent. We do not split batches between scents or sizes. You can choose your bottle/jar/pump/lid from our current supply. The batch sizes are typically anywhere from 24-96 depending on the product and size. Please inquire for more specific information. 
- We do not offer any label design or printing. All pertinent information and a link to the FDA cosmetic labeling requirements will be sent to you upon placing your order. 
- We ask that your labels do not mimic ours in any way-- size, shape, font, or placement. 
- Orders typically take 2-4 weeks. We fill orders in the order they are received, and always suggest getting orders in as early as possible. Rush orders are subject to a 20% rush fee. Delays are possible due to supply issues, and are out of our control.
- Custom scents are an option for any of our products. Custom scent blending is $75 per scent plus the cost of anything we need to order in. Keep in mind there may be price changes depending on the scents chosen. Any custom scent blends will be custom for you only, and propriety to handmade. la conner, and will never be used in another customer's products. 
- Custom packaging is an option, but may change both the price and minimum order size. There also may be delays in production time as we wait for packaging to arrive. We do not keep any unused packaging on hand for any potential future orders, so all packaging would need to be used in each order. 
- Product reformulation, custom product formulation, and minor tweaks to our current lines are an option. Please inquire for more details. Product formulation costs are $1500+ and depend greatly on the project. 
Send us an email at for more information or to set up a time to chat about further details.